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Who says you can’t wear fancy clothes when sweating your ass off? Whether it be at the gym or at home, I bet you enjoy having cool sportswear on!

If you ask me, workout gear has to be some sort of perfect. Why?

Well, first, clothes need to fit. Especially when you’re running and jumping and squatting and what not. Nobody wants to care about everything staying in place or shorts that are too tight.

Second, it’s better for your body. Wearing the right shoes can prevent injuries on your feet. Wearing the right shirt can help absorbing sweat or boost air circulation which makes you feel a lot better.

And finally, fancy workout gear is fun! If your brain works like mine, you’ll get a motivation boost from having those hip clothes on. (Think about all these pretty pictures of amazing sportswear on pinterest, instagram, tumblr etc…)

So, here’s an example of what I wear when working out indoors:

shorts: adidas

top: Madonna (shop here)

sports bra: Only (buy it here)

shoes: Aldi (click here)

A few more words on my workout outfit…

I got these shorts like a hundred years ago. They were already second hand and I’ve been wearing them like forever, but I still love them. They’re tight, but not cramped. They’re black and go with every color. They’re short, but not too baring. The “a” on “adidas” fell off, so now they’re “didas” shorts, but this lessens my affection for them in no way.

This basic tee from Madonna is great for working out becaus it’s loose, doesn’t show too much around the neckline but is cropped and therefore a little flirty.

These shoes were hella cheap (and don’t have good cushion), but I’m wearing some sort of orthopedic arch support so they work fine for me. Aside from that, they’re pink. Which matches all my other workout clothes (everything in black, white and pink).

I just got the sports bra some weeks ago (bought at defshop). It’s very comfortable (like all sports bras), has a very cool pattern and is almost long enough to be a crop top.

And yes, I am wearing matching nail polish, it’s “Licorice” from Essie. (And yes again, I know that I might have some serious nail polish problem.)

I’d love to hear what you guys are wearing for a good workout. Also, how do you like my stuff? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Dein Sportoutfit sieht wirklich toll aus, dein Post ist richtig motivierend!

    Hier geht's zu meinem Blog

  2. Die Schuhe sind so süß, gefällt mir!

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