inspiration | business cards for the college girl

Hello dears,

just a quick post today because I came home from school at 6pm and there’s still so much stuff to do!

I finally got business cards, yay. 🙂 I ordered them from vistaprint. There are honestly so many cool websites for business cards, but I wanted to have some simple and cheap ones for the start, so that’s what I did. Also, if I want to give somebody more information, I can still scribble that on the back side (I always have a pen with me anyway).

Today I wore one of my favorite dresses from Tally Weijl, a white shirt from C&A and the High School Sweater I brought from the student exchange to America.
I thought it was a quite simple and comfortable look. Surprisingly, I got a lot of comments from people in school, even teachers, asking if I had dressed for a special event/why I was wearing a school uniform/why I was looking like a college girl. I guess that’s the way it goes sometimes.. 😉 I liked the college comparison, though, so here I am,  the college girl with business cards!

Have a nice day/evening (I’m gonna finish my school work now and then watch a movie with my mom).


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  1. Ja, Businesscards sind wichtig, finde ich auch. Habe meine auch von Vista-Print. Nur ärgerlich, dass ich sie noch im alten Design habe, weil ich damals gleich so viele bestellt habe. Hmpf.

    Prima Oberteil übrigens!

    Liebe Grüße,
    Annika von

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