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Hey guys!

Actually, one could think that I don’t have any time to be creative because of all that studying.

The truth is, though, that there were two things bugging me: 1) I didn’t have a bedside table which means that I have to do some sort of acrobatics to get my phone or whatsoever while lying in bed. Not cool. And 2) that huge pile of old magazines took way too much space in my bookshelf. Also not cool. I just HAD to do something.

Then I saw this picture on instagram, and – boom – problems solved! So I made my own nightstand aka the magazines with a pretty box on top. I couldn’t simply place that arrangement next to my bed, though, because I still need to open the drawer. So I placed one of these crazy things with little rolls/wheels underneath. And there goes my movable fancy nightstand!

I really like it and it’s very practical and all, but guess what? I spent 15 min looking for my glasses yesterday because I forgot that I now have a nightstand. Oh my.

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Hope you’re having a good time! x,


PS: Thumbs up if you got the wordplay with the1975 lyrics in the title. 😀

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  1. Hallöchen! 🙂

    Klasse Idee! Ich habe auch enorm viele Zeitschriften, doch leider sind die alle verschieden groß
    & sehen übereinander nicht besonders ansehnlich aus. (Ich vergleichs gern mit dem schiefen Turm von Pisa)

    Liebe Grüße!

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