FOOD | sandwich in a jar

How do Hipsters eat their sandwich? In a jar, of course.
Today I am going to show you how to make such a fancy lunch. Hashtag hipster, you know.

First of all, why should you eat your sandwich out of a jar?

I think it’s just really convenient because a jar takes up less space in your bag. Also, if you bring your sandwich along with you like this, you can eat it with a fork and don’t have to get your hands dirty. (Plus, you only need one hand, which can be helpful in a lecture or whatsoever.)
In this case, you can ignore the people staring at your jar or asking stupid questions. 😉

Now, let’s start by gathering everything we need:

a jar (I used a Mason Jar, get them here)
bread (I like whole wheat)
a wedge of cheese
a knife, probabs a plate

total time ~5 mins

(You could totally try veggies or tofu instead cheese and ham!)

Cut all the ingredients into bite-sized pieces.

All you have to do now is layer your little pieces of food in the jar.
I started with bread, then cheese, and finally prosciutto. If you like some butter on your sandwich, you can totally butter the pieces of bread before putting them in the jar. My bread, however, was really soft and moist so I didn’t need any butter.

Once the jar is full, put the lid on it and you are ready to go! Also, don’t forget to bring some cutlery. 😉

Are you ready to take your sandwich to a new level? If you try this, tag me or use the hashtag #diyrona (on pretty much every social media page), so I can see all the hipster food! x


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