the privacy dilemma • life

Somewhere inside of me, I feel the need to produce content and put my ideas out there. What better way to do so than writing a blog?
So… Here we are.
On the other hand, I need privacy. I don’t want to post every single thing in my private life on Instagram so I don’t do that.

Now here’s a dilemma: A blog is – by definition – a personal online diary. The whole concept is based on the idea of telling the whole world about your personal life.

My solution: I do blog. Here. And I have several social media accounts. Nevertheless, I don’t post REALLY private things anywhere. Of course, diyrona (this blog, my YouTube channel and all social media) is based on me as a person. However, I want to provide some sort of an online magazine with diyrona. Back in the day, we used to read magazines like InStyle and such. Nowadays, we read blogs.

So. Dear Followers, dear strangers, dear stalkers, dear friends, dear haters,
those who really know me see the difference between me personally and me as diyrona. When I post a picture in my Instagram story or reblog a quote on tumblr, I DON’T want to express something about my inmost being, my family or (past) relationships. It’s simply a way to show the world that I’m wearing a sweater that I got for three bucks at the thrift store or whatever else emits from the creative parts of my mind.

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