‘just do it’ or: hello internet, i’m back.

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just do it.

Today is November 13. I planned to work on the blog during the summer and then restart everything in October – the blog, my YouTube channel and all my social media. Well, today is November 13 and none of that happened.

Why didn’t I stick to my plans?

There are two main reasons why I didn’t follow the whole thing through.
Reason no. 1: I was busy working, partying and sleeping. All of a sudden, summer was over and uni started again. Oops.
Reason no. 2 is a lot more serious: perfectionism. I couldn’t ‘just’ start this whole blog thing again. I needed a perfect platform, the perfect design, a perfect camera, perfect skills for said perfect camera, perfect texts, a perfect concept – and a LOT of time.

Goodbye perfectionism!

Now, I know that perfectionism doesn’t get me anywhere (except a state of complete dispair, maybe) but I can’t just shake it off like that. I’m working on it, though.

Whenever I realize that I’m procrastinating because I am afraid of not making it perfect enough, I try to tell myself to ‘just do it’. Like ‘Just get going and stop thinking about what could be better/different/more perfect’! That helps a lot. If I can manage to get myself there, at least.

What’s next on diyrona?

I want to transfer this thought to diyrona. I’m going to just start. I still have a lot of pictures and videos that I want to get out.

This blog is not perfectly designed or programmed. My pictures are not perfect, because I have no f-ing idea what I’m doing when it comes to photography. My language is not perfect, because I’m not a native English speaker. My content is not perfect, because I’m not an editor with years of experience.
But for me, that’s not the point anyway. It may sound weird, but I somehow just want to get my stuff out there and document certain aspects of my life. Which is possible on this blog, no matter if it’s a DIY project, an outfit I wore or something about university life. If you want to follow me on my journey, you can do that here on diyrona – the blog, my YouTube channel, and all of my social media. All the links are in the sidebar and I always love reading comments here on the blog!

Everything is going to come together piece by piece and you will read any news about ‘me on the Internet’ here on diyrona.com.

Let’s do this!
See you soon.

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  1. Rona ♥ das neue Template ist super! (Man sieht halt, wenn man einen Artikel öffnet, das Bild ganz oben erst einmal doppelt 😉 )
    Liebe Grüße und ich freue mich auf neue Artikel von dir! 🙂 Jean

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