my study space.

“Yikes, what is the function of this blog anymore? Everything is basically on my Instagram, but out of habit or a need for tidiness, here’s the latest…” This quote of Tavi Gevinson (she wrote about that here) pretty much sums up the whole situation here.

Why aren’t you posting, Rona?

The reason why I don’t blog at the moment is that I don’t have time. And when I do have the time, the sun’s down. Nobody wants to see pictures that were not only taken by me but also taken in the dark. Nuh-uh. (This word actually has an Urban Dictionary entry, check it out.)

What are you doing, Rona?

Right now, I spend most of my days cuddled up in a blanket, armed with a cup of tea and a snack – studying. Also, I do post on Instagram so follow me there – and watch my story –  if you want to know what I’m up to.
As for study related things, I sometimes put pictures of my current study situation up on my studyblr (which is a tumblr site for study stuff) – check that one out here and click here to see my pictures only.

What about your desk, Rona?

Since I’m spending so much time there (and it looks really nice right now), I wanted to show you my study space today. So have a look at my desk area and tell me what you think about it in the comments below. Also, what does your workspace look like? Do you even have one?

Also, I’m very sorry for the bad picture quality – part of that is because I’m still trying to figure out how to use my camera.

Rona out. x

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