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I got inked! In this post, I want to share my experience and the story about my tattoo.

Why I want to talk about it

I know that this is a very small one and it might seem irrelevant to some people who habe more or bigger tattoos. I still want to share my experience, because I would have found it helpful to get some tips from a tattoo newbie instead of all the pros.

Where and when I got it

As soon as I had the idea for my tattoo, I looked for tattoo parlors in or around my city, and asked different people if they had any recommendations. I heard a lot of good things about ‘0711 Nadelspiel‘ in Filderstadt. Also, they offer ‘walk-in days’ which means you can literally just go there on that day and instantly get your tattoo. I have do admit though, we arrived at 10 am and had to wait until 3-ish in the afternoon because there were quite a lot of people.

You can find the artist, Enci, on instagram. Definitely check out her pictures! Her work is amazing (and so much more than just simple lines like my little wave)!

What does it mean?

My little wave is a reminder for me. It reminds me of my dreams and represents a certain feeling. That may sound a liiiittle pathetic, but I don’t want to go into any more detail – you know, it’s personal and all.
Finally, I think the wave looks really pretty.
Who would want a tattoo that has a beautiful meaning – but looks hideous – anyway?

How much it hurt

We need to talk about the pain, of course.
As a total newbie, I had no idea what to expect. I always imagined it would feel like epilating and vaccinating at once, only a little worse. Then I got to the tattoo parlor.
I originally wanted to have the tattoo on my ribcage, but the tattoist – and literally everyone else at the tattoo parlor – told me to NOT do it. They said it would hurt so much that I might twitch and the line would get messed up and that I had no idea how much it would hurt and so on. Long story short, the wave is now on my arm and I like it there A LOT.
As for the pain: It was exactly how I expected it to be and I think it wouldn’t have been a problem on the ribcage either (but I really like it better on the arm). Also, I totally get why people say getting tattooed is addictive. I can’t even describe it, the feeling is just amazing!

What do you think about my tattoo or tattoos in general? Do you maybe have some ink on your own body? Tell me about it in the comments below. x





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