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Now that it gets colder, the following scenario might happen more often during the week:

It’s early in the morning, I’m in my bedroom, trying to figure out what to wear to work. I’m not really feeling any of the outfits that come to my mind. I would much rather like to snuggle up in a big sweater and not leave the house.
Since I do have to leave the house though, this is the kind of outfit that I’m rocking most days.

(Can we stop for a moment and talk about this awkward spider-man pose that is going on in the picture above? I kinda liked it though, so I put it in this post. What was I doing there?)

Here’s what I wore:

• rusty red sweater (Marks & Spencer, here)
• black dress pants (Coster Copenhagen, here, bought at the very cool Kaufhaus Mitte in Stuttgart)
• black patent loafers (F&F, yes that means I bought them at Tesco, here)
• watch (Rosefield “The Upper East Side”, here)
• glasses (Coblens “Kühlergrill”, here)
• an abundance of cheap golden rings, as always

To make the whole outfit look a bit more put together, I paired the chunky sweater with black dress pants and black patent loafers.

Black makes everything look a bit more sophisticated and elegant, I think. And these pants are super comfy while also being really appropriate for the office because they are made of a very nice material. As for the shoes… Do I even have to say that loafers instantly transform every outfit into a preppy office look?

I do have to admit though that this might not be perfect for winter. While it was a really good look for fall, I’m getting goose bumps around my ankles by just looking at the pictures right now. I would highly recommend wearing tights or at least some sort of socks with that outfit.

With that being said, what do you wear on cold, dark mornings?

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