über mich

my name is rona, i’m a student from stuttgart, germany, and i love fashion and making things. diyrona is my creative outlet. on my blog, youtube channel, and social media, i document my diy’s, what i wear, and other aspects of my life that might inspire people (or not).

here on my blog, you will find:
– pictures of what i crafted/made/diy’d (no “tutorials” though, bc most of the time, what i make is all over the place)
– pictures of what i wore (outfits that “real people” can wear and afford, not just supersocialmediamodels), probably including texts describing why i decided to wear that
– rants/ramblings/thoughts on anything fashion or diy related (or whatever bothers me at the time)
– whatever else i decide the internet needs to know about me/my life/what i do