OUTFIT | ripped jeans and a kimono

I guess this “shapeless but boho” look is a thing now haha.
Today, I want to show you another comfy outfit with those boho vibes.

You guys. It’s exam period and I am studying like 24/7.
Yesterday though, I managed to study AND go to the gym AND have a few minutes left to write this post. So, here you go: This outfit is perfect for that weird weather right now (you never know whether it’s going to be hot or cold that day), and also comfy enough for spending hours studying in the library.

Top: Pimkie
Jeans: Pieces
Kimono: Forever21 (thrifted)
Belt: H&M (gift)
Shoes: Deichmann (here)
Jewelry: amazon (here and here) and thrifted

total cost: ~38,82€

What are you up to? You can write a comment or send me a message (here).

Good luck to everyone with exams! Have a wonderful day! x


FOOD | sandwich in a jar

How do Hipsters eat their sandwich? In a jar, of course.
Today I am going to show you how to make such a fancy lunch. Hashtag hipster, you know.

First of all, why should you eat your sandwich out of a jar?

I think it’s just really convenient because a jar takes up less space in your bag. Also, if you bring your sandwich along with you like this, you can eat it with a fork and don’t have to get your hands dirty. (Plus, you only need one hand, which can be helpful in a lecture or whatsoever.)
In this case, you can ignore the people staring at your jar or asking stupid questions. 😉

Now, let’s start by gathering everything we need:

a jar (I used a Mason Jar, get them here)
bread (I like whole wheat)
a wedge of cheese
a knife, probabs a plate

total time ~5 mins

(You could totally try veggies or tofu instead cheese and ham!)

Cut all the ingredients into bite-sized pieces.

All you have to do now is layer your little pieces of food in the jar.
I started with bread, then cheese, and finally prosciutto. If you like some butter on your sandwich, you can totally butter the pieces of bread before putting them in the jar. My bread, however, was really soft and moist so I didn’t need any butter.

Once the jar is full, put the lid on it and you are ready to go! Also, don’t forget to bring some cutlery. 😉

Are you ready to take your sandwich to a new level? If you try this, tag me or use the hashtag #diyrona (on pretty much every social media page), so I can see all the hipster food! x


OUTFIT | shapeless but boho


Sometimes, you gotta wear something that makes you look like a sack of potatoes, because it’s hella comfortable.


I wore this to uni when it was kind of hot outside but not really and I also wanted to dress up but not really. Decisions, people. So I went for something that I could sit in comfortably for 4 hours: mom jeans, a loose printed blouse, and my new fringe heels.


Aren’t these pretty? I got these shoes a few days ago on sale. I love how the classy chic is combined with boho vibes!


I had my nails painted red at that time, which added a nice splash of color. And, of course, I wouldn’t leave the house with a few boho rings on my fingers.


Top – Forever 21 (thrifted)
Jeans – Pieces
Shoes – Deichmann (here, on sale right now!)
Rings – amazon (here and here)

total cost of this outfit ~ 33,83€

What do you wear when you want to be dressed up and comfy at the same time? Have a wonderful day! x


PERSONAL | I did not eat candy or unhealthy food for 21 days!


No candy, no chocolate, no cake, no fast food, no ice cream for 21 days?! Today I want to tell you how I managed to do that and how I felt during these days.
(Deutsche Version unten 🙂 )

Why would I do that to myself – voluntarily?

First of all, I know that A LOT of people on the Internet don’t eat stuff like that at all, so it may not seem that special that I gave up unhealthy food for only 21 days.
On the other hand, I am a strong believer of a balanced diet. I think it’s not healthy, especially for your mind, if you NEVER eat a piece of chocolate or a scoop of your favourite ice cream.

My consumption of unhealthy foods like those had gotten a liiiittle out of hand, though, so I wanted to change something. I then stumbled across this picture on tumblr and it sounded so good and promising to me that I wanted to try the whole concept. (The original post I saw said “you’ll be surprised how good you feel” but I couldn’t find that anymore.)
I just want to make clear that I did not do this to lose weight. I wanted to feel better, have more energy and avoid health risks like diabetes.

How surprisingly easy it was to not eat all that stuff

After I had made up my mind to do the whole 21-day-thing, I waited for another two days or so. Why? My boyfriend celebrated his birthday and I knew he would make a lot of delicious food, but that included cookies, so I didn’t want to start beforehand.
My official start day was a saturday, may 21st. I didn’t really tell anyone about my project because I was afraid that I couldn’t keep the whole thing up for more than a few days. (It had always been like that when I tried similar things before.)

This time, it was different.
When I went grocery shopping, I walked past the candy aisle. Instead, I bought a lot of fresh fruit and ate some when cravings hit.
(Living alone might have been an advantage during these days. If you want to try that, too, but you live with someone, you could ask them to hide the things you don’t want to eat.)
I didn’t fall for the candy vendor at uni because I had my lunch with me and also packed some fruit and nuts to snack on.

I didn’t even get tempted to eat cake at work – I work part time as a vendor in a cake shop.

And that was what struck me the most: While I was standing next to all these delicious cakes at work, I could feel feel the need to eat some of it in my brain, but not in my body. That may sound a bit weird and it is also hard to explain. I think it has something to do with addiction being like a well-lit road in your brain and the alternative being a dirt track that is hard to walk on. (I read about that a while back.) It means that your brain is used to certain things, it’s easier to do them so you just keep on doing them. Just like my brain thought I had to crave some of the cake, when I actually didn’t.


To stay motivated, I numbered the days in my planner and also changed the background on my latop and phone to motivating pictures with the “rules” on them.

What my “rules” were exactly

I’m not a big fan of rules when it comes to eating. For this project, though, there had to be some. So I established the following “no’s”:

No candy
No cakes
No chips
No fast food
No chocolate
No ice cream

I also thought about adding “no alcohol” but then decided against it. I drink maybe one glass of wine or a bottle of beer per week and I didn’t want to give up on that.


How I felt and what I got out of this experiment

It really was an experiment, because I didn’t know how it would go.
The first thing I learned was that my willpower was stronger than I thought, and also that thing about the brain that I mentioned earlier.
Of course, I felt better, too. I didn’t feel bloated or sluggish anymore. I even lost a few pounds as a positive side effect and my body fat perecentage went back to normal.

All in all, it was totally worth it. Easier than I thought, and I learned a lot about myself, my mind and body.

Would you ever try something like this? Or have you already? Tell me about it in the comments or send me a message. Have a great day! x Rona