all black look with suspenders and a hat • outfit

This outfit is probably what would happen if you would decide to only wear hipster pieces. Well. It’s also all black – again. Dior knew it, black always works.

Before we get into the actual outfit details, let me talk about the photography situation.
It’s kind of hard to find good places to take pictures in the middle of Stuttgart. This rooftop parking lot is perfect, though, because it is really centrally located, abandoned most of the time, and you have an amazing view over the city.
Also, for this shoot I teamed up with Jens Geier for the first time (go visit his website or his Instagram profile) after we’ve been following each other on Instagram for like forever.
I think it’s so cool that you can meet so many creative people on this platform – and of course my blog benefits from that, too.

Anyways, let’s talk about the outfit.

Here’s what I wore:
• black high waisted shorts (Tally Weijl)
• black crop top with white dots (second hand)
• black hat (vintage)
• black suspenders (Rossmann)
• brown sandals (Deichmann)
• glasses (Coblens “Kühlergrill”)

When wearing black on black, not a lot can go wrong – or so you think.
My suspenders have silver detailing but I usually only wear golden details. My glasses have a golden frame, my watch is golden – you get it. So I added a silver ring to incorporate at least some of the color and otherwise went with the ‘feck it I don’t even care’ vibe. (I’m already working Irish slang into my language, ha!)

Also, I think an outfit looks way more put together if the accessories match. That’s why I usually wear my brown and golden fringe bag, my brown and golden watch, golden jewelry – and in this case even brown and golden sandals. Please also notice that my nail polish matches the outfit. (Which I tooootally planned, you know. Not.)

So let me know what you think of the outfit and especially the pictures!


2 responses to “all black look with suspenders and a hat • outfit”

  1. Melina says:

    der look ist richtig cool und der hut und die brille stehen dir mega und sehen so stylish aus 🙂

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