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Hello lovelies,

here’s a DIY I did the other day!
I actually made a lot of similar notebooks in the last months. I just love writing, scribbling, drawing, doodling, sketching etc. That’s what you need notebooks for. And why shouldn’t you have a pretty notebook? Makes the whole thing even more fun.

So here’s what you need:

– a plain or ugly notebook

– magazines
– scissors
– glue and scotch tape

Cut out pictures you like from magazines. You can also try matching pictures for a theme, like “plants” or “outdoor” or “fashion”. Use glue or tape to stick them to the cover of the notebook. That’s about it, let’s get the doodling started!

Or if you don’t feel like doodling or have something important to do, use your notebook for that. Maybe I’ll try rewriting some of my study notes in this pretty book. Tomorrow’s my last economy/business class test (like, the last one EVER in my school career!) so I’ll better be well prepared to make a graceful exit. 😉

Do you use notebooks? Or are you more a digital kind of person, doing everything on the phone and computer? Tell me in the comments!


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0 responses to “diy | pretty magazine notebook”

  1. Vivien Rose says:

    Great idea! I made a notebook like this for school stuff! 🙂
    I wish you a wonderful day!
    Best regards
    Vivi ❤

  2. Marina Reyam says:

    das ist so cool.. das mache ich auch immer (;

  3. Saritschka says:

    Sieht richtig toll aus – super Idee! 🙂

    Liebe Grüße,

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