Let’s make some easy vegan pancakes!


I originally posted a previous version of this recipe in 2014. September 14th to be exact. It was the last day of summer before school was going to start again. Sigh… Simpler times!
While many things in my life and the world have changed in all these years, my pancake recipe hasn’t all that much. I just make them on Sundays in my own apartment, dancing around the kitchen to my favorite music, instead of only once in a while during holidays in my mam’s kitchen. Or for brunch when my sister comes over (like in the pictures we took this last summer). These times are not so bad after all…

Anyways, since nobody likes recipe posts rambling on and on about something, let’s not. Here’s my updated super simple basic recipe – from someone who’s not very good at cooking or baking to everyone wanting to make easy, delicious pancakes!


Ingredients (yields about 6-7 pancakes):

*You can use more or less sweetener. I usually just give the bottle a good squeeze and call it a day.




Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
If you want to be fancy, mix wet and dry ingredients separately first, then add wet into dry. Though in my experience, it doesn’t make much of a difference with this recipe.
You can melt the oil in the pan so you won’t have to grease it anymore before baking the pancakes.

Pour about one or two spoonfuls of dough in the pan and bake those fluffy little pancakes until they look like pancakes. Duh. Golden-brown is the professional term, I believe.



That’s it! Slap whatever topping you fancy on there: Fruit, jam, chocolate, all of the above… And enjoy!


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