How to kick-start your life when you’re feeling overwhelmed

Do you feel like you’re doing either too much or not enough? Have you lost your inspiration? Do you feel like you need to kick-start your life again? Say no more. I got you.

Here are the steps I take when I’m in a situation like this. Plus a few extra tips.

step 1: cut down on what overwhelms you

Quit any jobs, habits, hobbies, people and everything else that feels like too much. I know this can feel scary, or like you “can’t do this” to the others involved. But sometimes, your mental health is more important and you have to put yourself first. Clean slate.

step 2: take some time off

Take however many days you can afford, whether it be a weekend or maybe a whole week, maybe even more – and unwind. Don’t just hang around in front of the TV all day (yeeeah, I tend to do that), do things that truly allow you to relax, that make you feel calm and happy. This is the only way to really get a clean slate.

Extra tip: Try out a new place (if that doesn’t stress you). Go on a weekend trip or simply go to a park or café that you’ve never been to before.

step 3: find the spark

Now that you’re feeling all fresh, clean slate and all, it’s time to get excited about everything again. Find inspiration and motivation in videos, books, magazines, talking with people…

Extra tip: Make a YouTube playlist of videos that inspire and motivate you. Watch them whenever you need that little extra push. Or watch one every morning.

step 4: get your life and routines back

So… Overwhelming things are gone, inspiration is back – time to really kick-start this! That means: to get your life back, whatever that means for you. Find a routine that works for you, then stick to it: Find out how you can structure your days, work, studies. Then follow these patterns. Just make sure you leave yourself some time to be “human”, to have off days. It’s all about balance.

Extra tip: Try taking up old habits or routines again, from a time when you felt great or when you achieved a lot of your goals etc. Even if these routines might not be perfect for you anymore, your brain is probably still used to them and can easily make them a habit again.

Some of these steps and tips might even be helpful if you’re not overwhelmed – simply to make your life a little better and to prevent said overwhelm. Let me know what you think and comment or message me with your own tips!


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