inspiration | how to survive the flu + DIY phone holder

First things first: I’m obviously not a doctor. I do not know more about human diseases than any other average human being on this earth.
This is supposed to be some kind of fun list on how to spend your time when having the flu. Also, it’s some sort of diary, showing my current daily routine. Haha.
At least I managed to get off the sofa this morning to take some pictures for this post.

Sooo, it’s winter right now. Your nose is running? Having a headache? Fever? Pain in the muscles? Coughing? Not feeling got at all? Must be influenza.
Here’s what you can do now!

1. Create a cozy place.

H&M pillow slips (similar here) | IKEA Polarvide blanket | IKEA Tjen fake lambskin

Use cute pillows, soft blankets and fuzzy fake fur to create a sickbed on the sofa or your bed. Make yourself comfortable, you’ll be lying around a lot!

2. Put warm, comfortable clothes on.

beanie (similar here) | H&M scarf (similar here) | grey scarf (similar here) | Zara scarf

You gotta keep yourself warm and comfortable!
Leave that pretty lace underwear in the drawer and go for a sports bra or whatsoever. Put on some comfy pants, grab a sweater and go for a scarf (or three, just to be sure your neck is warm enough).

3. Gather your survival kit.

Tempo box  (similar here)| Douglas hand lotion | Baby Lips lipbalm (buy here) | evian water bottle (buy here) | customized Claire Fontaine notebook

Trust me, you’ll need this.
This tissue box is my lifesaver. I can’t go 5 minutes without wiping my nose so I’m carrying this box EVERYWHERE. Literally. (I better tie that thing to my head…) Isn’t it pretty? My mom bought it for me because that Vintage decor reminded her of me.
Also, there’s nothing worse than having dry lips or hands or whatsoever – typical during the flu, though – so keep that lipbalm and lotion nearby!
WATER is the most important thing. You have to drink a lot to keep you hydrated and to flush out that bad stuff from your body. Take a huge water bottle (mine is 1.5 l) and sip. Drink it up twice!
Also, if you’re lying there on the sofa and something important comes to your mind, like a VERY good DIY idea or a task you have to do or what not, write it down. You shouldn’t get up and do it right away, so write it down and do it later.

4. Eat your fruit and veggies!

Your body needs vitamines to recover, so be sure to get enough fruit and veggies! 

5. Get some distraction. 

This depends on how lousy you feel. One day, you can probably do nothing except for lying around and drown yourself in self-pity. The next day, you’ll may be bored as hell so you need to do something. Try reading a book (yes, on paper!) or a magazine or watch some DVDs. 
If you’re not feeling well, you shouldn’t do anything. Not even watching TV. Just relax and allow your body to recover.
Also, try to stay off screens as much as possible. All that TV, computer or phone will increase headaches…

6. Listen to music + DIY a phone holder.

Some nice, calm music will help you relax. It also helped me to sleep a little (without music, I was concentrating too hard on my stuffed nose and my aching muscles and my sore throat and that’s not good for sleeping).
Try Lana Del Rey, the 1975, Ed Sheeran or Snow Patrol. Do you have any ideas of similar music? I’ve been listening to the same playlist for days now and, ummm, I’m getting bored.

This is my sister’s phone, since mine can’t do multitasking (taking pictures AND modeling is not possible at the same time…).
BUT do you see that phone holder? You can easily DIY that one, even when having the flu! (Of course you can also do that when you’re totally fit and well.)
I got the idea from this video and I love it!

You need:
– cassette tape case
– your phone

Flip it open and put your phone in. That’s it! Wasn’t that easy? 
I still can’t believe it. It’s so easy. It’s so cool. I’m in love.

Now I’m gonna wipe my nose for the 10,000th time today, drink some water and watch some music videos. Or sleep. Blogging is exhausting.

Hope you all are doing well and enjoyed this not-so-serious post!


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  1. H O N E Y says:

    Die Fotos sehen richtig schön aus! & tolle Tipps ♥ ♥

  2. Bernadeth G. says:

    love everything! great photos 😀

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  3. Hihi, die Idee mit der Kassettenhülle ist ja mal klasse!

  4. anoddgirl says:

    such a great idea the phone holder 😀

  5. Cooler Posts! 😀 Wo ich grad die Gossip Girl Staffeln sehe: da hab ich auch noch was vor mir 😀

    Liebste Grüße,
    Rina von Adeline und Gustav

  6. Jecky says:

    Der Post ist wirklich witzig 🙂

    XX aus Nürnberg
    Want Get Repeat

  7. Saritschka says:

    Schöner Post, Süße! 🙂

    Das mit dem gemütlichen Platz einrichten finde ich besonders wichtig, wenn man krank ist. 🙂

    Liebe Grüße,

  8. Duni S. says:

    WIE SÜSS IST DAS DENN! Der Post ist echt niedlich mit den ganzen Tipps und den iPhone Holder fand ich richtig klasse! 😀 So easy und effektiv ;D Der Post macht dich gleich noch symphatischer als du eh schon bist! 😀

    Ich wünsch dir ein schönes Wochenende !
    Liebst, deine Duni ❤ Lovely Joys

  9. ina says:

    Haha, ich liebe den Handyhalter 😀 😀

    Liebst, ina

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