Your input and my ideas for more sustainability in everyday life: What is sustainability and how do I lead a more sustainable life? *

On Instagram, I asked you about sustainability in everyday life. Since this was part of a German project, I collected all the answers, put them together with my ideas and translated them for this blogpost. Here you go!

What is sustainability?

The term “sustainability” was coined in Germany in the 17th/18th century in forestry. Back then, the main idea was to only cut as many trees as can be grown back naturally.

Today, sustainability applies to many different areas. It means living and acting in a way that leaves the same or even better living conditions for the following generations. (Ha, I got that from that one time I paid attention in geography class in 7th grade.)

I asked my Instagram followers what sustainability means to them. (If this hint wasn’t enough for you, click here to check out my incredibly amazing Instagram account. Given I’m so modest and all.) Back to the topic: This means I didn’t write this blog post on my own but with the help of everyone who sent me a message concerning sustainability and the individual areas where we can act sustainably.

How can we create a more sustainable everyday life?

I always love little tips that can be immediately implemented in everyday life. You were creative and came up with these things:

Shop local

Aside from overall tips, you can also implement sustainability in specific parts of your lfe.

Sustainability and working out

Working out in a sustainable fashion – to me, in an everyday setting, this means training for lasting results. This includes a workout plan that works for me.

On the other hand, I naturally pay attention to ecologically and economically sustainable settings when working out (which is mostly strength training in my case). I had to think about this for a minute because some things have become so normal and natural for me that I don’t even realize I’m doing something “different” anymore: I always carry my own water bottle and fill it up during my workout. The protein shakes I drink to support my dietary goals are vegan. And when I shower and get ready in the gym locker room, I use my usual products which are vegan, mostly natural and the packaging is getting less.

Your tips for more sustainability while working out:

A sustainable diet

To me, eating sustainably means the following things: As vegan, low-waste, local and organic as possible.

Of course, that’s not always the case, but I try the best I can do. Everyone has something that holds him back. In my case, that’s my small budget because I’m a student and that I’m generally really busy. You just can’t let these things be excuses! If everybody does his part and tries their best, we can change a lot.

And this is how you described a sustainable diet:

What do we have to change? *

It’s not a question that we have to change something. Maybe you even got some ideas from this post on how to change things in your everyday life. If you have more ideas, leave a comment below!

To round this thing off, here are your replies about how to make the world a little bit more sustainable:


*This post is a translation of a blog post about sustainability I need in unpaid cooperation with Heimatvoll. I was not paid for this. Currently, this platform is only available in German but I will update this as soon as I know more.


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