things that have inspired me lately.

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” – Jack London

…so here’s what hit me lately.
What inspiration means to me and the things that have inspired me these past days.

First, I want to say a few things about what inspiration means to me. It really is hard to describe, but I will try.
Inspiration is a feeling I get, a spark, a little twist in the stomach, an itch in my body, a wave of excitement rushing through me.
I can get this feeling from different things, whether it be a huge “inspo thing” like a book that is meant to inspire people or a little thing such as a pair of earrings that a girl on the street wears.

Glad we got that sorted out. Now, here are the little and not so little things that inspired me lately.

My friend Jean’s post about her weekend here with me in Ireland

Jean came over to visit me for a few days in the beginning of November. After she was back home, she published a very beautiful text about these few days on her blog (HERE).
I mean, come on, read that thing! I love how it is written and I just think that mah gurl has produced a really nice and well-composed blog post. It makes me want to write beautiful things as well.

That girl at my gym with the superman top

There’s this girl at my gym who is really fit and strong. One day, I’ve seen a guy on the brachiation ladder. At the same time, this girl came over and started doing the same exercise. And what can I say, the guy soon stopped because she was way faster and stronger. She’s just kicking everyone’s ass while not making a fuss and last week she wore a superman top and it made everything complete. That girl is my fitness goal.

My friend Nisi has just started blogging (again)

I know Denise from university and when I met her, she used to have a little blog. Now she has started the whole blogging thing up again and her website (HERE) is really giving me these inspiration sparks: her writing, the black and white aesthetic, her style (which has also been an inspiration to me before) and the fact that she just got into writing again on a regular basis (it says “new blog post every sunday” at the bottom of her site and there was a facebook post about her routine of posting on sundays). I could really learn a thing or two from that, ahem.

Buying new notebooks

Honestly, I don’t know what it is, but buying new notebooks always makes me want to write, blog, draw, and just be creative in any way.
These notebooks don’t have to be expensive or anything. My newest catch are three thin little gems that I picked up at Tesco whilst buying groceries. You never know when inspiration is going to hit you!

What has inspired you lately? x


5 responses to “things that have inspired me lately.”

  1. Denise says:

    Ich habe soeben realisiert, dass ich hier noch nichts dazu geschrieben habe! Danke für deine lieben Worte – es ist unglaublich schön, dass meine Gedanken andere (DICH!) inspirieren, ansprechen, Zustimmung finden! Keep up the good work aaaand make sure to post more often ?❤️

  2. Wesley says:

    I must say you’re quite the interesting person.
    Would love the read more.
    Keep it up Rona !

  3. Andrea says:

    I love this post!! because you find inspiration is small things, and that´s something that I admire

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